Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurrah to pet adoption!

The lovely Alyse and Hannah has adopted of YoYo (previously GEK) to thier home!
They came over last Friday with some friends and fell instantly in love with YoYo , it was clear from their interactions with YoYo that they will take great care of her.

Big thanks to all the kind ppl that helped spread the word and provided a lot of kind advise and support.

This is the end of Grey Eye Kitten Blog.
Bye Bye YoYo. We'll miss you.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

We have a potential adopter!

They will be visiting tonight. They sound nice from the emails exchanged and are fully aware of GEKs situation with FIV. They are very interested in her, I hope they will be a good match!

GEK is doing well , she seems to be adjusting to the bathroom. Although she still tries to escape when we open the door, she is also a lot calmer.
She now enjoys to play a lot more, she likes to climb around and chase her little cat toy across the room . She has also been exploring the tiny bathroom on her own. I caught her walking across the bathtub rim as though she is on the high beam.
She is getting much better with the litter box, I got her a slightly bigger aluminum tray and she has been using it ever since. I'm please to say there has been no problem at all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

update on GEK

Due to her FIV+ status, GEK has been living isolated in the bathroom since Saturday.
Like most NYC bathrooms, ours is tiny. It was sufficient for GEK for the past few days, but yesterday GEK was starting to get a bit restless and cries whenever she is left alone in the bathroom. It is heart breaking to hear her cry. So for a short time she was allow to wonder in the apt under supervision , she seems to enjoy that a lot. I think that might have made her want to stay out of the bathroom even more. The only way to distract her crying is with food. Poor thing, I hope she will play more with the toys left for her and find ways to occupy herself.
If anyone has any advise do share.
And if you know anyone that would be a great match for this kitten please don't hesitate to contact us

GEK on New York shitty and New Cat City

A big thanks to New York Shitty and New Cat City for kindly mentioning GEK on their blogs, I hope this will help get the word out about GEK. these are both great blogs that features a lot of interesting post on cats and pets in general and are a great fun to read.
I've also been getting some great advise and support from jimmylegs.com he's a proper Brooklyn cat rescuer and has helped numerous stray cats in Brooklyn find homes, please check out his blog, there's an interesting post of feral cats right now.
jimmylegs.com has a posting on GEK! Do read his blog if you have time, it's very funny and a great way to waste time at work, check out his post on guinea pigs, there are some crazy breeds out there. He has a few cats up for adoption too. They are older cats, and are great if u would like a calmer pet to keep you cosy in the winter.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A few more photos of grey eye kitten

GEK playing.Playing with tongue out.Gek next to the can of cat food.Now eating it.